Bask, Dance, Shine, Move!

Back in 2015 I said this and I just came across it.

Bask in the sun, dance in the rain, shine in the light, and make moves in the dark!

2015 Jason Brooks

Bask In The Sun

Enjoy life! Enjoy the moment. Find happiness and soak up every moment. This is truly what life is about. Absorbing all the good things life has to offer is true happiness, especially the little things. When you bask in the sun you are taking advantage of a natural resource and typically in a relaxed energy state. Same goes metaphorically. Find that relaxed state and stay there.

Dance In The Rain

Bad days are going to happen. It’s part of life. Don’t let them get you down. No matter how bad it’s gets, how hard it’s raining, dance in that rain! Laugh in the face of adversity because deep down you know you will overcome. It is a minor set back. While it’s raining dance like it’s your best day cause you know an poppy to grow is coming!

Shine In The Light

Take advantage of opportunities. Seize those opportunities and do your best. It is perfectly ok to show the world your greatness! When that spotlight is on you, display your true colors. Express your emotions, show your personality, share your passion, and let your talents put the world on notice that you are amazing!

Make Moves In The Dark

I’m a believer that announcing your moves or plans can be detrimental. While there are some positives that can be made for advertising your moves, there is nothing wiring with making your moves in silence then smacking the world with your achievements. No need to post on social media what you are about to do. Definitely “Shine In The Light” once you have achieved it though. Make goals, create a plan, execute, and achieve. That all can done for yourself. Then share with the world.


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