Who Is Jason Brooks

The Man

I have often been called complex or a conundrum. I believe that nothing is as we perceive it or understand it, which means anything is possible. We operate based on hypothesis that have been proven right. I operate on but what if there is more to learn. What if there is another variable. This enables me to seek the boundaries of all understandings and then try to go one step beyond.

I also don’t believe the world is too big. The problems of the world don’t seem large to me. Which leads me to believe I can solve any and all problems. By nature, I am solutions oriented and extremely helpful to others. It brings me great joy and satisfaction to be able to assist people with finding success, solutions, and happiness.

The Visionary

My awareness is based on a few central concepts that I have found really define me:

  • 3 Primary Principles
    • Know Yourself
    • Know How the World Affects You
    • Know How You Affect the World
  • Time: The Most Precious Resource
    • We only have so many seconds in our life. How you spend your time is extremely important.
  • Redefine The Boundaries of the World
    • Iterate – Keep doing the things you are passionate about!
    • Innovate – Continue to learn, evolve and find new ways to enjoy life!
    • Disrupt – Think outside the box and change the world!

The culmination of these concepts are the foundation of my decision making processes and how I navigate this thing called life.

The Family Man

Family is extremely important to me. I have my parents and one sister that are very close. I also have twenty aunts/uncles and almost one hundred cousins. The cousins in my family were raised liked siblings. They are truly my brothers and sisters. Lastly, I have three amazing children! Two beautiful young adult women and a handsome teenaged son. Those three are my world.  Any chance for spending time with family is refilling to my soul.

The Professional

I have a vast array of experience across several different industries and disciplines including: music, software development, talent recruiting, leadership, mentoring, marketing, branding, training, manufacturing distribution, food service, business accounting, motivational speaking, process improvement, functional thinking, and many more.

My day job is Software Quality Assurance. I believe Quality Assurance is not just a job but a way of life. Identifying risk, analyzing life’s journey, and determining how to mitigate is not only core to software quality assurance but in everyday life. These principles allow myself to find both personal and professional success.

“Doing something once is good, repeating it is greatness. Find your #GrooveOfGreatness”

Jason Brooks
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